Frequently Asked Questions


  • All Dorchester County EMS units, both career and volunteer, bill for transport service to the hospital.
  • Quick Med Claims, LLC is the current DCEMS vendor for bill processing.

Medical Records
All patients, regardless of whether or not they were transported to the hospital, are entitled to a copy of the EMS medical record filed by the EMS provider. Contact the EMS Office for additional information.

Maryland Medical Protocols set by the state define the types of conditions that may be transported to specialty hospital centers in the region or the state. The State designates hospitals as certain specialty centers through a standardized application and review process.

While our EMS providers try to accommodate requests for hospital destinations, the Maryland Medical Protocols limit our flexibility by requiring us to transport to the closest appropriate facility. For more information about specialty hospitals and transport destinations, please refer to the Hospital page of our website or contact the EMS Office.

Employment and Ride-Alongs
Dorchester County EMS hires on an on-demand basis; advertisements for open positions may be found under the Employment Opportunities tab. DCEMS employs 40 full-time EMS (20 EMTs, 20 Paramedics) and several part time staff, both ALS and BLS. If you are interested in part time employment, please contact the EMS Office.

DCEMS does encourage ride-alongs by medical field students (EMS, nursing, physician, and physician assistants) and perspective applicants. Our Ride Along Standard Operating Guideline can be found here. The Ride Along form can be filled out and submitted online by clicking here. Contact the EMS Office with any questions.

Dorchester County has six volunteer ambulances in the county. The following stations have volunteer ambulances and are accepting new members:

The following stations do not have ambulances but provide fire and rescue services and often provide DCEMS with medical assistance when requested:

Complaints or Commendations
If you are unhappy with the care provided to you by a Dorchester County EMS unit, or would like to commend a unit for their quality care, please contact the Dorchester County EMS Office via phone 410-228-2726 or via the 911 Center main administrative line at 410-228-2222.