Engineering Division


To provide technical and engineering expertise and support to the County Council and all County Departments mainly the Department of Public Works consisting of Highway, Solid Waste, Maintenance and Airport.

Objectives for the Highway Division:

  • Continue development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for use of all County Departments.
  • Finalize and adopt Specifications and Design Standards Manual for County Roads.
  • Design and construct upgrade for Woods Road from MD Rt. 16 to Southside Avenue.
  • Continue implementing in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities.
  • Perform routine Grading Permit, stormwater management and subdivision road constructions inspections.
  • Complete design to replace Bestpitch Ferry Road Bridge over the Transquaking River.
  • Manage expenditures of Waterway Improvement Program grant funds already approved (Chapel Cove Dredging, Tedious Creek Wharf Bulkhead, Elliott’s Island Jetty Riprap Protection, Trash and Sanitary Services at County Boat Ramps).
  • Investigate new dredged spoil containment sites for creeks along Choptank River.
  • Apply for additional Waterway Improvement Program grant funds for bulkhead and paving improvements at existing County owned boat ramps.
  • Study stormwater drainage from end of Woods Road to Stone Boundary and Maple Dam Roads.
  • Construct Punch Island Road improvements and Taylor’s Island Breakwater projects using Federal COE funding and DNR interest free loan.
  • Investigate potential additional wetland mitigation bank projects.
  • Continue obtaining various wetlands permits for general highway work.
  • Apply for interest free loans for other County shore erosion projects. Potentially Elliott’s Island Road.
  • Pursue funding sources for shoreline erosion control projects throughout the County (DNR, COE, MDE, etc.).
  • Develop computerized inventories of County roadways, easements, drainage pipes, stormwater management structures etc.
  • Objectives for the Solid Waste Division:
  • Oversee consultant in permitting of Old Beulah area for construction of new lined cells.
  • Monitoring landfill gas migration at four landfills and design and implement necessary corrective actions.
  • Revitalize County recycling efforts and work with municipalities with their recycling programs.
  • Develop long term soil borrow plan for Beulah site.
  • Objectives for the Airport Division:
  • Assist with investigating funding sources for permanent extension of water and sewerage service to airport.
  • Assist with railroad realignment and runway extension construction.
  • Assist with easements, land acquisitions and deed restrictions for properties around airport.


The function of the Engineering Division has been incorporated into the County Department of Public Works. Functions include providing technical support and expertise to the County Council and County Departments. This is a very broad function that includes numerous responses to inquiries form the public concerning problems as they arise in addition to mandated reviews and inspections concerning stormwater and sediment and erosion control and general engineering work in support of capital improvements throughout the County. Responses range from simple technical advice to complete design, permitting, funding acquisition and administration, inspection and construction of projects. Some of the Division’s activities include:

Technical Review – subdivision plans, stormwater management plans, sediment and erosion control plans, subdivision road plans, bridge and roadway rehabilitation plans, dredging and dredge disposal plans, County building ADA compliance.

Permitting – stormwater management, grading and forestry permits are issued by the Highway Division subject to review by the Engineering Division.  Stormwater flow calculations, stormwater management structures sizing and sediment and erosion control measures must be checked prior to issuing the permit. It is required that site inspections be conducted at least every two weeks for all grading permits. The County must inspect the over 50 permanent stormwater management structures every three years. 

Inspections – the Engineering Division assists in the aforementioned stormwater management and grading permit inspections. The Division also has inspection responsibilities for new County construction projects, and other ongoing stormwater, roadway and new subdivision roads.

Permit Acquisition and Reporting – all construction projects require environmental permits. Application for non-tidal and tidal wetland permits, sediment and erosion control permits and federal Section 404 permits, and approvals by the Critical Area Commission and Maryland Historical Trust for County funded projects are initiated by the Engineering Division. These applications require field surveys and development of plans to assure compliance with environmental laws prior to construction beginning. The Division also files required reports and test results for existing oil storage permits and an air quality control permit for various Highway Division facilities. Engineering also does the reapplication for these permits.

In House Design – preparation of engineering drawings and bid specifications for a wide variety of County projects including: boat ramps, roadway improvements (realignment, widening, ditch and shoulder work), dredge spoil site design, channel dredging, building renovations, stormwater drainage improvements

Funding Applications – various grant and loan funding applications to State (DNR, SHA, MDE) and Federal (FHA, EPA, COE) agencies.

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