Fraud, Waste and Abuse

The Dorchester County Fraud Hotline is for reporting suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or other misconduct by County employees, vendors or contractors.

Please note that personal information identifying you is not captured or recorded by Dorchester County through this website.  Additionally, you may choose to remain anonymous when reporting suspected fraud, waste or abuse.

Read Dorchester County’s policy on fraud, waste and abuse. Click here.

Required Information
We require a minimum amount of information to approve reported cases for investigation.  Please ensure that you review the following checklist and have the necessary information before continuing:

  • You know who the suspect(s) involved is.
  • You know what the alleged incident is.
  • You know how the alleged incident was committed.
  • You know where the alleged incident was committed.
  • You know when (or approximately) the alleged incident was committed.

Report Suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse
If you have all the required information above, and desire to report suspected
fraud, waste or abuse,  please use the online form by clicking here.