Tax Sale

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Results of the 2022 Tax Sale are here.

Dorchester County, Maryland will hold its next annual Tax Sale at 10:00 a.m.

on Tuesday, June 22, 2023.  The sale location is to be determined.

All bidders must register for the sale.  Bidder registration ends Thursday, June 15, 2023.  If you desire to participate as a bidder, follow the link below to the 2023 Tax Sale Terms & Registration Form.

2023 Tax Sale Terms & Registration Form  (link not active)

2023 Tax Sale Property Listing (Adobe pdf) (link not active)

2023 Tax Sale Property Listing (Excel 2013) (link not active)

IRS Form W-9 (required for all who purchase property)

Any questions, please call the Treasury Office, 410-228-4343.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does Dorchester County conduct the real property tax sale?
A. The annual tax sale is held on the 3rd Tuesday of June.
Q. If my property is sold at tax sale, do I have the right to redeem the property?
A. Yes.  All property owners have the right of redemption for a minimum of six months after the date of the sale.  To redeem, all taxes, charges and fees must be paid in cash, certified check, money order, or credit card (by using
Q. Where can I find a list of the properties that will be sold at tax sale?
A. Dorchester County will advertise in a local newspaper for three successive weeks prior to the sale. A list of properties will also be available on this webpage.
Q. How do I register for the tax sale?
A. If you are interested in participating as a bidder at the tax sale, you must pre-register and agree to the “Terms and Registration Form” before bidding.  Pre-registration is required and open through the Thursday before tax sale.  Complete the form and fax or mail to the Treasury Office accompanied by a copy of the bidder’s driver license and any other required documentation.
Q. Can I bid on tax sale properties without attending the auction?
A. Authorized agents can represent entity bidders, but not individual bidders, who must represent themselves.
Q. What form of payment do you accept at tax sale?
A. Payment by cash or check for properties purchased must be made the day of the sale by 3 p.m.  Entity bidders must pay by check from entity.  Purchasers are required to remit the full amount of taxes due on the property, whether in arrears or not, together with interest and penalties on the taxes, expenses incurred in the making of the sale and the high bid premium, if applicable.
Q. Does the County handle the foreclosure process on tax sale properties?
A. No. The purchaser is responsible for the foreclosure process.  The foreclosure process can not begin until six months from the date of the sale.  Four months from the date of the sale, the purchaser may add any expenses to which they are entitled under Section 14-843 of the Maryland Annotated Code to the redemption amount.  These expenses, composed of attorney’s fees and title search charges, average $750 in today’s market. 
Q. What number can I call to get more information about the tax sale?
A. Call 410-228-4343 for information or redemption amount.